Work with me

One-to-one sessions to enable you to have…


My work is tailored to you and you alone. Through our sessions, I will get to know your body like my own and be able to help you feel stronger and more confident.


Why do I teach? 

Clear, clean, empowered movement makes my heart sing. When I see my clients performing movement with ease I know that it will spill over into their every day life and make everything BETTER.

I am an expert in my field

I have trained with master teachers in Pilates and have my own Masters from The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program based in Boulder, Colorado - which is considered ‘The Harvard of Pilates’. I also am trained in Neurokinetic Therapy and continue to study advanced functional anatomy. Read my testimonials here.

how i can help you

My job is to see any accumulated trauma, old postural habits, breathing patterns, guarding patterns that might not be serving you and teaching you a new way to move which serves you better in your life. It's like looking at a riddle and making sense of it. Unlearning old patterns and relearning new patterns that will serve you in the long term.

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My offerings

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One private
drop-in session

Want a taster but are not staying in the area for long? This is personalised session is the perfect option! 


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Intro package of 3 private sessions

Best value. Best way to get started. You’ll fully understand how to make your body feel good, with these one to one sessions.


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Block of 10 sessions (use within 14 weeks)

10 sessions to be used in 14 weeks. Best for those who travel regularly or have an inconsistent schedule.


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Monthly Membership

Best Value. Best option to continue. One session per week, 4 sessions per month. If you miss a week, we will arrange a 'catch up' session.