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About Andy

Making peoples lives better through movement is my passion. It's fulfilling, challenging and empowering. Having a client come in and say 'I did such and such last weekend with NO PAIN! That hasn't happened for months!'. There isn't a better feeling than knowing you have impacted someone's life in such a positive way. Teaching is something that I feel fulfilled by. Movement is the modality I use to give people a better experience of their life.

I was introduced to Pilates over 15 years ago while studying for my Bachelor of Dance in New Zealand. After training extensively as a Pilates Teacher and studying with master teachers worldwide, I graduated from The Pilates Center Advanced Teacher Training Program based in Boulder, Colorado. My experience with these teachers was so positive that I went on to complete my Masters with them. This program is one of the most respected, comprehensive and intensive teacher training programs worldwide and often referred to as 'The Harvard of Pilates training schools'. Throughout the course of my career I have also been an international teacher trainer for Polestar Pilates and Pilates Institute.

I’m particularly interested in the healing powers of Pilates and I continue to study and assist on advanced functional anatomy courses with anatomist Kathy Dooley and the Immaculate Dissection team.

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"Teaching Pilates is a passion and a practice for me. I can't imagine a better job where you get the chance to help other people by using Pilates to make their lives better in ways they didn't even know was possible. I take pride in my teaching being firm and clear while also allowing space to be compassionate and encouraging."