"Four years ago, I suffered tremendously from two severely protruding discs in my spine and as a result I was barely able to function properly in my life. Sitting, standing and in fact movement of any kind was very painful.

As a last resort to surgery, my physiotherapist suggested I try Pilates. Desperate not to have surgery (as I knew it only had a 50% chance of success and could even aggravate the problem), I met Andy MacDonald.

Over the years, she has been a significant force for positive change in my condition. Though I'll have the original disc problem for the rest of my life, I am now able to control flare ups through Andy's gentle, informative and specific workouts.

I can climb stairs, walk with ease and I'm even riding horses again! Her fun loving, compassionate personality made me instantly at ease at a time when I wasn't sure I could trust my own body to not cause me pain. She soon became not only my trainer but a friend and I will be forever grateful for her role in helping me get active and pain-free again!"

-Lynn, Wandsworth

“I came to see Andy a year after the birth of my third child. I had developed an umbilical hernia during pregnancy which caused me discomfort on a daily basis (I had previously been discharged by the physio at the hospital saying it was “as good as it was going to get”).

Andy got right to the root of the problem and helped me to learn how to manage the abdominal pressure that caused the hernia in the first place and to realign and strengthen my muscles post-pregnancy. Andy carefully and thoughtfully helped me through surgery to repair the hernia and to build up my core strength so I could perform basic activities like lifting my young children and pushing buggies again. Andy is a pleasure to work with – she is thoughtful, warm and always helpful and I would really recommend her.” 

- Thea - De Beauvoir Town

"I have been taking instruction in Pilates for over 12 years, I was introduced to it following a major operation and the early work was mostly of a rehabilitatory nature. Since then I have tried to maintain reasonable fitness within the limitations of my condition.

I have worked in many studios and with a number of instructors, of the instructors, Andy MacDonald stands head and shoulders above the rest. Her firm yet sympathetic approach is perfectly pitched, her detailed knowledge is unsurpassed and her passion for Pilates shines through.

Coincidentally she is also charming and amusing. The number of different studios I have visited has been dictated by Andy, every time she moves I move, a bit of a chase but worth it every time. If Andy MacDonald teaches you Pilates you are most fortunate, you are in the hands of the very best."

-Anthony, Wandsworth

"I first came to see Andy a few years after the birth of my daughter and wanted to develop my inner core and strength. Since then Andy has worked closely with me to address migraines and more recently, a very bad break to my wrist.

I really can not recommend Andy highly enough. She is always so considered, thoughtful and intuitive in her approach and makes a point of understanding you and your body's needs as an individual.

I always come away from a class having deepened my understanding about my own body's strengths and weaknesses and always come away feeling so much better, truly revitalised and properly stretched and challenged.

The work we have done together has helped in so many ways from helping to relieve my migraines and neck and shoulder tension to providing a huge support in steadily and intelligently building up my strength and mobility in my wrist and with that my confidence too. Andy is such a pleasure to have as a teacher. I feel very lucky to have found her!"

-Emily, Queens Park

"I have a serious back condition which I manage with regular Pilates sessions and have trained with many of the Pilates teachers in London over the last 10 years.

I have noticed that Pilates teachers trained in Boulder Colorado seem to be better trained than most so I originally came to Andy as she trained there and I have been delighted with the progress we have achieved.

She is clearly an excellent Pilates teacher and I was therefore open to her suggestion that I would benefit from NKT sessions in conjunction with Pilates. Since starting NKT with Andy we have worked through a number of weaknesses in my Pilates practise which had resisted previously teachers and I had thought were just things I was stuck with. Andy has been by far the most instrumental in changing my body patterns to alleviate tightness and to generally improve the way I move and carry myself.

Although I am no expert in NKT, Andy's combination of NKT and Pilates produces outstanding (and seemingly long lasting) results. "

-Ken, Islington

"Over my four years of learning pilates I have been taught by many other teachers but my sessions with Andy have been by far the most instrumental in changing my body patterns to alleviate tightness and pain and to generally improve the way I move and carry myself.

Andy has a superb eye for detail and ensures that your body is always in the right place at every stage of each exercise so that you derive maximum benefit.

She is superb in individual sessions which address individual needs but also assists more than other teachers in group sessions.

She differs from other teachers in that she focuses on stretching and flexibility as well as core strength so that your body always feels both as if it has been worked but also beautifully relaxed and comfortable at the end of each session.

As a rider who loves dressage Andy has really helped me to increase my body awareness and to improve my core strength (which is essential as a small person riding a big horse). She has enabled me to sit straighter and to be more effective. The biggest change however that she has made is enabling me to sit at a desk for 9 hours a day without being in pain (as I was previously) and still able to ride after work.

Above all my sessions with Andy have always been so enjoyable. She has a warm and friendly personality, is really encouraging, open to discussion and never makes me feel stupid."

-Sally, Golders Green