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Moving well is a simple pleasure that has the capacity to create enormous change and joy in your life

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Hi I’m Andy,

I am passionate about movement, helping people feel better in their bodies and having that spill over into their everyday lives. Because everyone wants and deserves to feel good in their body. Pain, twinges and discomfort are knackering. My style of teaching focuses on quality movement that you can take away with you to create lasting change.

I teach one to one, private Pilates sessions in De Beauvoir Town, London. In my sessions my job is to see your body, find the nuances that are hindering you from feeling great day to day and teach you a new way of moving that gives you a sense of ease, freedom and happiness.

Over the past 15 years I have trained with the top Masters in Pilates. One school being, The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program based in Boulder, Colorado - often referred to as 'The Harvard of Pilates training schools'.

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My Clients

Whether you are someone that sits at a desk for the majority of your week, a Mum looking to understand how to segue back into exercise after labour or someone looking for a workout that is specifically relevant for your needs - Pilates is a fit for you.

My client’s situations range from corporates wanting an efficient workout to offset the mental stress of their job, mothers looking to understand their new post natal body through to people rehabbing back from an injury that aren’t quite confident yet to get back into a group class environment.


What is Pilates?

Pilates is designed to stretch, strengthen and uniformly develop the body in order to prevent future injury and reduce or alleviate chronic pain.

By using the specialized equipment that Joseph designed, Pilates offers a resistance for muscular strengthening while balancing muscular force at the joint.  Read more here >

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